Indoor Combat Simulation

Battlefield LIVE Dundee is Scotland's permier indoor tactical laser combat experience. At Battlefield LIVE you will experience modern laser tag in an environment that makes you believe you really are in a combat zone where close quarters combat rages every 30 minutes. Battlefield LIVE is fun for anyone from age 8 upwards and it's a great venue for a birthday party, stag party, hen party, team building event or a night out with friends. Children's party events are especially popular at weekends.

We are open for private bookings at any time by arrangement and for public sessions at the times below. Book online or over the phone by calling free on 0800 193 1006.

Public Session Open Times

DaysNormalSchool Holidays
Monday 5pm - 9pm 1pm - 9pm
Tuesday Call for group bookings 1pm - 9pm
Wednesday 5pm - 9pm 1pm - 9pm
Thursday 5pm - 9pm 1pm - 9pm
Friday 5pm - 9pm 1pm -9pm
Saturday 12am - 8pm 12am - 8pm
Sunday 11am - 7:30pm 11am - 7:30pm

Battlefield Live Dundee

The Battle Arena

Our Battle Arena is a replica urban war zone complete with battle damaged houses in a war torn street.  A crashed vehicle has been left by fleeing enemy forces and street barricades, sandbags and replica barbed wire are testament to the ebb and flow of battle. It's ideal for close quarters combat games.

Close Quarters Combat

The buildings are dilapidated and ruined, with rocket and artillary damage to the walls. Two levels and a bridge between the buildings make for a large complex gaming area which is excellent for close quarters combat, making it easy to escape or outflank your enemy.  Dim lighting and the smoke of battle make the job of a  sniper challenging, but provide good cover too. Real combat sounds and search lights enhance the atmosphere and give a live combat feel to every battle, boosting the adenalin rush experienced by players.


Combat Party

Two intense 30 minute combat games, (shared with other users) broken by time for a meal in our party area. From £13.50 per person.

  • Combat Party

    Combat Birthday Party: £13:50 per head (off peak) or £15.99 (Peak). An intense 30 minute combat game, (shared with other users). A meal in our party area. A second 30 minute combat game (shared with other users).
    Select food from the following menu:

    Burger| A Jumbo Hot Dog | A Margherita Pizza | Chicken Nuggets
    All of the above are served with French Fries and Soft drinks. Combat parties have a minimum charge equivalent to 8 players.

Skirmish Party

An intense 30 minute combat game, (shared with other users) followed by meal in our party area.  £10.50 per person.

Skirmish Party

Skirmish Birthday Party: £10.50 per head during Peak or Off Peak public hours.

An intense 30 minute combat game, (shared with other users) followed by meal in our party area.
Select food from the following menu

Burger | A Jumbo Hot Dog | A Margherita Pizza | Chicken Nuggets
All of the above are served with French Fries and Soft drinks.

Skirmish parties have a minimum charge equivalent to 8 players.

Exclusive Party

One hour of exclusive gaming in the arena delivered as two seperate half hour games broken by time for a buffet style meal. From £175.00 for 10 players.

    Exclusive Party

    Off Peak - £175 for up to 10 and £12 for each additional player.  Peak - £199 for up to 10 players and just £14.50 per head for each additional player.

    At Battlefield we offer a unique way to celebrate a special birthday. We know that  adults and teens love playing our combat games, but they don't want a 'kids' party feel to their celebration. So, we've adapted our party formats to suit an older audience. Bring your freinds along for an exclusive game, and enjoy a pizza, pasta and finger food meal in our party area.

    A great option for teens, adults, Stags, Hens and workmates.

Game Prices

(Sat - Sun)
Off Peak
(Mon - Fri)
30mins £6.50 £6.50
60mins £13.00 £9.00
90mins £19.50 £13.00
30mins exclusive £110.00 £110.00
60mins exclusive £220.00 £175.00
90mins exclusive £330.00 £235.00

Games & Safety Rules


Play a range of exciting games at Battlefield.  During our public sessions we play the gamers favourite: Team Death match.  During exclusive hires, we can ramp up the excitement with Capture the flag, Terminator or hostage rescue games.  Other games are possible, just ask.

Game Rules

Safety is of paramount importance at Battlefield LIVE.  Each game is supervised by a member of Battlefield Staff who will prevent dangerous play. Players are fully briefed on safety as well as equipment use before play.

To ensure the safety of our players, we insist that they adhere to the following rules:

  • Players must excercise caution, always seeking to prevent injuries to themselves or to others.
  • Players must not run.
  • Players must not climb on the props.
  • Battlefield LIVE is not a contact sport, players must not strike, trip or engage in any real combat with other players.
  • The game supervisor is in sole command of the game.  Their word is law and must be obeyed.


Holiday Deal

School, College & Uni holidays need some serious action, & Battlefield delivers with 2 great deals:

  • Holiday Deal

    Deal 1: £10 for two 30 min games plus your choice of a Hot Dog, Burger, Fries or a drink. Take both the food and the drink for just £1 more.

    Deal 2: £15 for three 30 min games plus your choice of a Hot Dog, Burger or fries & a drink.

    Book either of these deals by calling us on 0800 193 1006/ 01382 690 820 or by booking in online. Just pick the date, time & deal you want.

Kids Club

Every Sunday from 11am - 12 O'clock we run Kids club especially for under 16's with maybe the odd parent thrown in as cannon fodder!

Kids Club

Kids club is a first come first served session for young players. The admission price of £10 includes an hour's gaming and a snack of a

Burger | Hot Dog or Fries.

It's a popular way to get your Battlefield Fix.

Discounts & Super Tuesday

Battlefield offers a range of discounts for young people, Students, organised groups and members of uniformed or public services. Check them out, and get great value: Super Tuesday's are only Avaliable on Holidays

    Discounts & Super Tuesday

    Young Scot card Holders: 10% off your admission & half price drinks

    Student CardHolders: 10%off your admission & half price drinks

    Organised Groups e.g. Scouts, Boys Brigade, Guides or Sports teams: 10% off all bookings.

    Members of the Armed Forces, Police or NHS staff & Local Authority staff are all entitled to 10%off with their ID cards.

    Spree Book cardholders: use your Spree book to get a Buy one get one free Deal.  

    Super Tuesday Play for just £4 for a 30 game every Tuesday.
    Super Tuesday's are only Avaliable on Holidays

Zombie Wars

Everyone loves a zombie!  At Battlefield we've been well and truly bitten by the bug!  Every Halloween the undead shuffle and crawl their way into our gaming arena to create a super scary, distinctly adult orientated horror game that players talk about for the rest of the year.  Watch our Facebook and Twitter feeds for the coundown, and book in if you dare!

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Kingsway East leisure Park
Douglas Road

Right next door to the ODEON Cinema!


01382 690 820
0800 193 1006.